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Navarella Audio Route Planner is your digital companion with audio guides and helpful additional information about the mountains, forests and nature trails. Get to know nature anew and discover places with the whole family on vacation or on weekends!


Save yourself travel arrangements and get inspired by your favorite travel influencer. The special, route, tips and audio information with original language for after travel or as inspiration. But also as a personal travel diary for friends.

Everyday Life

Create and share paths in the private area of ​​the Navarella Navi app and describe the way naturally with visual landmarks. All routes are stored and can be sent as often as you like. Once created, this can be the way to the doctor's office hidden in the backyard, the way for the Abholdenst from physical education or handing over to the new babysitter.

GPS app, route planner, GPS tracking for families and travel

Based on a map you can design your navigation with the help of audio, text and photos by long press on the map. You are not bound to conventional street navigation with right, left directions, but can naturally describe the route using highly visible landmarks.

GPS Tracking


Share your location with your group. You can invite friends and assign them to a group in your account. If your friends agree, you can track them via GPS.

Individual Route Planer


Send the way to the playground to the new babysitter or send your last holiday route with photos and voice recordings to friends as inspiration and navigation aid.


Reach your destination


With the Navarella Navi app, you get to your destination punctually and relaxed, as the path planning is tailored to your individual needs.

Once created routes are stored in your account and can be sent as often as you like to friends within the app.

Make the transfer to the babysitter with the way to the favorite playground and save work by the centrally stored transfer can be sent as often as desired to the new babysitter.

Save time-consuming preparation for travel by providing tips and tricks from travel bloggers and your favorite travel influencer as a route with voice recordings.

Invite Friends

Create an account and your friends will receive an email invitation to Navarella with the Play Store Download Link. You will then be connected as friends after confirming the friend request in the app.

Your travel diary

Record your travel memories as audios and mark the corresponding path stations as a route on a map.

Plan and create your itinerary with Navarella. Hold your moments for you and your friends. This shortens the preparation time and inspires others. Especially for longer trips or family holidays it saves a lot of time to research the perfect route.

The voice recordings can be played independently of location. If you are on site and start the route, the current audio will be played based on the GPS coordinates.

Handover to the babysitter

Families are at the forefront of Navarella. Handing over to the babysitter, the new nanny / au pair should run smoothly. Therefore, you can mark your address as start and end point and record the audio for delivery. In the text field, key points can be recorded. Thus, the handovers are stored centrally and does not have to be passed on again and again. The supervisors have everything stored centrally and can call it up if necessary.


On partial paths you can track GPS or track joy. So you know exactly when they arrive and where they are currently.

Travel Inspiration

Compared to blogs, you have presented the travel tips on a map. The individual stations can be listened to by audio or on site. This will save you a lot of time to build your route.


We want to bring you closer to nature and inspire you to spend more time in nature. That's why Navarella has forest adventure trails and hiking tips.

Offers for Families

Families have special needs, be it the family-friendly hotel, the horse farm or physical education classes. Finding the right offer is not easy. We want to introduce you to our top offers and provide you with the directions or the special invitation to test training via audio even more.


  • GPS tracking of friends on shared routes

  • Create and share routes

  • Audio Guide creation in the private area of ​​the app

  • Inspection pages as travel inspiration for the next holiday destination

  • Forest adventure trails to trail down with audio guides

  • Transfer service to the babysitter for parents and caregivers

  • Family-friendly offers

  • Itineraries and tours by experienced travel influencers and bloggers

  • Upload waypoints based on photo coordinates

  • Upload of audio files

Enjoy the Navarella app!

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help other families with holiday preparation with important tips and information,

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